Weather the storm with your life intact.

A storm of debt can often strike without warning. Sudden injury or diagnosis can leave you drowning in medical debt. A lost job or economic downturn often leads to financial hardship in the fight to make ends meet. It sometimes seems like there are only more angry clouds on the horizon. But there is a way out.

Our government created the bankruptcy system as a way for people to start fresh. It allows debtors to gather their debts under one roof and, at the end of the process, see them erased, in total or in part. While debtors can try to walk through the process themselves, there is a problem. The bankruptcy code is complex, with a lot of pitfalls that can lead to negative results. There are different types of bankruptcy, and each type has its own requirements and rules. A debtor going it alone would need to deal with trustees, judges, creditors, and attorneys—daunting at best.

That’s where we come in. Chris Williams is Hayden Law’s bankruptcy practitioner. He’s spent his career developing the knowledge to help people through bankruptcies. With a deep understanding of the Bankruptcy Code he can help you decide the best avenue going forward. Even if bankruptcy isn’t in the cards, he can negotiate with creditors to get you some relief. Hayden Law can also work with the IRS to work out a repayment plan for back taxes. With the aid of skilled bankruptcy paralegal Andrea Streeter, you can trust that Hayden Law has your back.

What can we do for you?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcies may be the only or best resort for some debtors. We’ll guide you through the decision and protect as many of your assets as we can.

Tax Relief

We can negotiate directly with the federal and state government to set up a payment plan for you. This can mean the difference between falling behind and finally paying off back taxes.

Stop Garnishments

Garnishments prevent you from getting full use of your income. Talk with us to see how we can reduce or even eliminate a garnishment on your wages.

Debt Negotiation

Creditors’ attorneys can be demanding and frightening to already overwhelmed debtors. Let us face off with them to negotiate to get you free of their demands.

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